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NINO ALDI is an American director, producer, actor, and owner of the production company, Flixseed.  


Nino seeks to create content that adheres to the highest possible quality while making enjoyable, marketable films for his audience.  He aims to inspire, both his audience and those who work on his films.  Ultimately, Nino's goal is to ensure that the scope of each of his projects is bigger than the last - utilizing his company, Flixseed, which he fervently believes will change the manner in which movies are financed, made, and distributed for years to come.


Nino Benvenuto Aldi was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on August 8th, 1982.  Within a year of his birth, his parents, Robert C Aldi & Vicki Jo Aldi, moved the family to a small North-Eastern Wisconsin town, Darboy, where he grew up with his older siblings, brother Mario and sister Franci

Nino's love for the arts was apparent early on as a child.  He performed in over two dozen local or church plays - often gravitating toward the villainous characters.  In the fifth grade he started making home movies with his friends, which mostly consisted of staged fighting sequences.

He continued making films through Middle School and into High School, purchasing his own equipment from his summers spent as a lifeguard.  His Junior year he made his first feature length film, "The High Cliff Killer," which was screened at his high school, Kimberly High, in the school's auditorium.  The following year he made the sequel, "High Cliff Killer 2," which also screened at his high school after a football game to a sold out audience.

After graduation in 2001, Nino went to the University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee as an inter-arts major (Film, Theater, Music).  Just a few weeks in his freshman year, after 9-11, he decided he was going to move to Los Angeles and pursue his dream.  On January 10th, 2002, he did just that.

The next nine years Nino struggled to stay afloat, working as a free lance production assistant on films, television, commercials, and reality television all the while getting an acting gig here and there.  During this time he married Terrah Wilson, and the couple now had two daughters, Nora & Gretta.

In 2011 he started working on NBC's "The Voice" with the show's contestants as a Field Producer.  During his down time from the show, he continued making short films, commercials and webseries until he ultimately started his own production company, Flixseed, and started making feature films in 2017.

A well-built ship will never reach it’s destination if the captain doesn’t know where it’s going. It may stay a float for a while, but eventually that ship is going to sink.
— Nino Aldi